Ignite, unlock, and reclaim
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"When you see the

beauty in an average day,

it ceases to be average."

-Henry David



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My guiding mission is to help people to see their own light. To take the fear out of spirituality, as well as show you how magical life is and empower people to create their own reality with inspired thoughts, inspired emotions and inspired actions.  I hope you will join me. Come be a part of the magic! ♥️ Jane


Life Mastery Coaching, Angel Card Readings, Passion Test Facilitator

We all go through hurdles and some of those take us off our desired path. Our services focus solely on guiding you in achieving a new approach in looking at life & regaining your balance in order to live a more purposeful life.


How It All Started

Everyone’s journey towards fulfillment begins at a different place. It is crucial to understand how to navigate your obstacles and overcome your doubts. Click the image above to learn more about what led me to open Enlightened Path.


LitUpp is a community of people dedicated to lighting up
their own lives and the world around them. Don’t just take my word for it though - get started with the program and begin to experience the transformation for yourself.

Life Coach & Angel Card Reader serving Southington, Plainville & West Hartford, CT*

Have you been "nudged" by your internal voice desiring to live a more aligned and joyful life?  Until you take action, that nudge will not be able to experience solace. It's only going to get stronger until you pay attention to it and say YES. Why?  Because it's your soul's way of guiding you to a better place and it's your voice guiding you to your true self and your life's purpose.  I may not know you personally (yet), but I know you want to live a more soulful, purposeful and fulfilling life.  Please contact Enlightened Path for Angel Card Readings and Life Coaching Services. 

*Can’t make the drive to CT? appointments and readings are available by phone!


Download the ultimate guide on How To Ask the Right Question of Angel Cards! It will help you get the most accurate answers, with your reading, for your highest good.

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“Jane’s intuitive angel card reading abilities have brought me clarity, guidance and vision for many significant life events and gave me reassurance that I’m on the right path and all is well.”


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