Life Mastery Coaching & Couples Coaching

Life Mastery Coaching bridges the gap between modern Life Coaching and Ancient Eastern Philosophy.  It combines all the principles of traditional life coaching with yogic wisdom and various healing modalities.  As a Life Mastery Coach, I take a holistic approach to healing past traumas and laying the foundation for meaningful and significant life change.  I am able to help clients discover self-limiting beliefs and reprogram the negative habitual thought patterns which prevent a client's success and forward momentum.

Life Mastery Coaching emphasizes a spiritual and holistic approach.  I draw from my skills and from many eastern and western spiritual disciplines and believe in utilizing the ancient world wisdoms of the ages in order to uncover blocks and heal imbalances.  I coach from a place of compassion and work with you to establish meaningful change.

I am a seeker of wisdom not only for my clients but for myself as well.  I understand that life will provide both challenges and successes and I look at each one of these life experiences as an opportunity for growth and evolution.  I am always striving for transformation and am compassionate and empathetic towards others with a strong desire to help you with the tools that will help you get unstuck and to truly discover the real you.

I would love to have an opportunity to  meet with you and talk about your objectives. Let's schedule a free 30-60 minute meeting where we can talk about the right package for you. To set this up, fill out the form below. 

Angel Card Readings (In-Person, Group & Party Readings)

Angel cards are a divination tool that dates back to the 15th century. Angel cards have touched the lives of countless individuals giving them peace, comfort and insight in times of joy as well as in times of challenge. It's one of the most accurate ways to receive detailed and loving guidance about your future and answers to your questions. Angels and Archangels are nondenominational messengers that are sent to us to help us with every area of our lives.  They protect us and guide us, bringing peace on earth and guidance, one person at a time. 

Spending time with Angel cards is like spending time with a dear wise relative who acknowledges both the challenges and the joys of life.  Whether you're new to angel card readings or well versed in it, you'll find that the messages in the deck are uplifting, insightful, positive, gentle, life affirming words and pictures that are accurate.  

In addition to offering Certified Angel Card Readings at my office in Southington, I am able to work with you if you do not live in the local area or can't make it to my office.  I can provide the same service for you via the telephone. If you do not live in the area but want someone, who is a Certified Angel Card Reader, to do a reading or readings for you, I am happy to meet with you over the phone.

Looking to schedule an Angel Card party, or a group Angel Card Reading? We will be happy to provide pricing for your event.  Please contact me at

Angel Card Readings - $50/session


Crystal Readings with Certified Crystal Reader® Jane Matanga

Everyone is attracted to gemstones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are highly prized throughout the world.  These are indeed precious stones; they uplift the heart. Their brightness is what most people think of when they hear "Crystal."  Equally prized are the semiprecious stones such as Carnelian, Garnet, Rock Crystal, and Lapis Lazuli.  They have been used for ornamentation and as a symbol of power for thousands of years.

These Crystals were valued for more than their beauty; they each had a sacred meaning.  In ancient cultures their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn. Crystals have the same properties today.  They have made themselves known to facilitate the evolution of the earth and all those upon it. These Crystals have an extremely high vibration that raises consciousness and opens the higher Chakras to communicate with other dimensions.  Crystals today carry the same power and jewelry can be selected not just on the basis of its outward attraction.  Wearing crystals, or simply having one in close proximity, can boost your energy (orange Carnelian), clean your space (Amber), and attract wealth (Citrine).  Carefully positioned, Crystals can change your life. You can choose stones to enhance your intuition (Apophyllite), increase mental abilities (Green Tourmaline), and boost confidence (Hematite). You can select abundance (Tiger's eye) and healing (Smithsonite), or attract love (Rhodonite).

Knowing how to use them allows us to use the gifts they offer.  These include: channeling, or bringing abundance into your life, amplify celestial energies, as well as Crystal healing, holistic healing, Crystal protection, gem remedies, Crystal meditation, Crystal attraction, and a love ritual that will help bring love into your life.


Crystal Readings - $50/hour per session

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Contact me to learn more about Angel Card and Crystal Readings at the Positive Living Center in Southington.  I look forward to working with you!