The Answer is YES!

Dear reader,

Sometimes it’s hard to know why something happens in our lives. Why do we feel off? Why didn’t things turn out the way we had envisioned? Or why are people we love having such difficulties?

I’ve been there. I once had a challenging situation occur in my life that lasted for 9 months and was clueless about it. It literally took me 9 years to get the “aha” “moment” that brought me the clarity on why I went through it.

But here’s a thought that might help you if you’re currently in a situation like that. The reasons behind why things happen to us is always for us to open up to who we really are and how life is meant to be for us. It’s to get us to see that we need to say YES to LIFE! YES to HAPPINESS! and YES to LOVE in everything we do, feel, and see in the world

The universe, Source, and Divine intelligence is always, always, always creating and working on experiences and ways for us to push us towards more happiness. YES because we should always say YES to whatever events are redirecting our path in a way that will bring us more joy.

YES, we should always have faith that the Universe loves us. And YES we can rely on the fact that we are at some level masters of our own destinies from a big picture viewpoint even if the Universe sometimes creates situations where the circumstances make us crazy.

Say YES, to your Angels as they are always with you. Have you asked them for help today?

When the why of something is challenging you, try to remember who you are and move back to YES!


Because YES, YOU are loved! ♥

YES! YOU will understand it in time.

And YES! YOU are never alone!


Jane ♥

Jane Matanga