A Man Once Told Buddha...

A man once told Buddha,
I want happiness.
Buddha replied, “ First remove “I”
that’s ego.
Then remove “want”
That’s “desire”
And now all your left with is happiness.

Wanting happiness implies that you don’t already have it. Happiness is much more subtle than the giddy high we get when the ego finally gets what it wants. Happiness can be a sense of inner peace, contentment, and appreciation. It is here right now, you just have to notice it. 

Happiness is awareness that the moment is complete just as it is. Nothing needs to be added to it. The ego may tell you otherwise and promise you otherwise with its version of happiness. Whether it be wealth, relationship status, material possessions, etc. but these promises may turn up empty for it is not the wholesome meaning of happiness. Are you willing to let go of “wanting “ to feel the happiness that is already here and enough right now? Where are you finding happiness?! 💟🕉

Jane Matanga