Learning to Master Resiliency

Hello! Friends,

I wanted to share with you a key 🔑 practice I learned going through my own journey towards personal mastery in creating a more extraordinary life for myself.

One of the most powerful practices is learning to master resiliency. I have come to believe the universe is benevolent. The beauty and the power in that is learning how to reframe your belief system. You have the ability to reframe any situation. Reframing is about how you can see situations from another perspective. Learning how to experiment with reframing can dissolve a problem by offering a new way of looking at it. It’s the ability to re- frame any situation which you are confronting and causing your unhappiness.

Resilience is when you can bounce back from adversity and get comfortable with ambiguity. When you practice this daily relationships will improve but beyond that there are 7 ways your life will transform from this quest.

7 keys 🔑 the benefits of this practice:

1. Being comfortable with ambiguity.
2. Relationships will improve.
3. Becoming an inspirational leader.
4.Becoming a wise advisor.
5. Being more effective in what you do.
6. Being less stressed.
7. Feeling a greater sense of purpose.

When you believe in a benevolent universe. Stress and anxiety largely leave your life. People want to know how you are in this incredibly awesome state of being. You become much more effective in everything you do because life and the universe is working for you in creating everything you want, and you are no longer struggling with resistance.

5 ideas for creating more resiliency in your life.

1. Be open and unattached to outcome. Don’t add a label to what happens to you.
2. Believe in a benevolent universe and that everything is working for you. The universe is your friend and has your back.
3. Invest in the process, not the outcome.
Focus on the process of reaching your goals, not the goal.
4. Be grateful. Practice feeling gratitude as often as you can.
5. Reframe. Learn how to experiment with reframing circumstances and situations in your life. Try looking at it in a new and more benevolent way.

When you begin to live this way you will be happier, less stressed, your relationships will improve and you will have a greater sense of purpose.

To your extraordinary life!

Jane Matanga