Segment 1: Creating more magic in your life

Do you remember the last time you said “Wow!”?  Did it happen while you were witnessing a beautiful sunset?  Watching a movie or musical performance that took your breath away? Playing with a child who was bursting with giggles?

Whatever caused you to say it, you can never forget that magical feeling that you experienced during those moments.  A magical life??? what is magic? Is a rainbow magic? A drop of water, life itself? The closer we look and the more we look for it the more magic becomes reality.

Magic for me, is the realization that so much more is possible, so much untried, unseen, or what we don’t  allow ourselves to believe can be true. Magic is, for me, reality as it is, a little twisted so we experience wonderland.  We can go there with both feet and we can help magic unfold in our lives, just by opening up to experiences outside our current boundaries.

We all know some of these stories.  One day a normal girl, next drinking champagne with the jet set.  One day our most loved project seems dead, the next a strange twist of fate, or a gift brings it back to life.

Miracles happen when we create space within ourselves and in the world.  Improving our own life and, if you like, that of many others might be less hard work and more fun than we ever imagine, if we can allow ourselves to look for and open up to the everyday magic in our lives..

As we grow into adults, a lot of people find it difficult to feel these emotions.  We accumulate numerous layers of conditioning, while attempting to fit into society’s molds.  When this happens, In this way, our curiosity and sense of wonder gradually gets diminished and replaced with a skepticism and seriousness.

The hectic and busy pace of life adds to this numbing process by desensitizing people to subtler energies around them.  We get caught up in the day to day routine where we are not using our 5 senses.

Some may argue that this transition is a necessary part of becoming an adult in a busy world.  While it is true that we should avoid getting our heads stuck in the clouds when dealing with real world problems, I don’t believe it is in our highest good and happiness for us to disconnect from our child-like senses.  Allowing ourselves to have experiences that create a sense of awe within us is one of the most enjoyable ways to feed our spirit. And no matter how vigilant you are about your health, relationships, or bank account, if you are not feeding your spirit, your life will lack depth, texture and vibrancy.

Experiencing Magic is like having a surge of electrical current run through your body.  In an instant, our life can go from black and white to technicolor. Our intuition, creativity and ability to sense the underlying wisdom that exists below the surface of everyday living helps us in making life more enjoyable.

I know this because I have experienced this magic many times in my life- you see, magic has been a constant theme throughout my journey.  Iv’e watched spellbinding shows, and concerts. I allowed myself to get lost in the magical worlds of movies, broadway shows, music and inspiring places in the world.

Yet the experience of magic, is very personal.  Everyone feels it in different ways and contexts.

You too have specific triggers that elevate you to a heightened state of wonder.  If you are finding it challenging to recall the times when you have felt this way.  Here are some ideas, that may help you unlock the magic for yourself and others.

Segment 2: Guidelines to facilitate your inner magic

Step 1:  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Remember a time in the past when you felt light, joyful, and experienced a wonderful feeling of enchantment.  Visualize the experience vividly in your mind’s eye and notice your surroundings-the environment, people, and any other details.  Spend a few minutes soaking in this experience and enjoying all the beautiful sentiments you felt at that time.

Step 2:  When you are ready, open your eyes and begin making notes about what you saw and how it made you feel.  Focus on your emotional experience and what made this particular memory so special. Be specific as possible.  You can repeat this process if you would like to visualize other similar experiences

The whole purpose of conjuring up more magic into your life is so that we can understand instinctively our role as powerful co-creators of our reality.  When we realize that we are by-products of the incredible forces that orchestrate the Universe, we can begin channeling this power to manifest our heart’s desires.



I don’t know your limits, neither do you. Limits are self -limiting beliefs. How do you change that? Start wondering more about those beliefs you have chosen for yourself.  Do you ever wonder Why? Do you allow yourself to question your beliefs? Do you ever wonder why others cross the ocean and dance with shamanic healers on a mountain tops half a world away?  Ask the questions that lurk in the shadows and nobody dares to ask? Why are we doing things this way, when we already know that there is a better way? What is moving everything? What makes me come alive?  What doors can I open today?

Go wonder like a child, ask why? Wonder like an artist, what more can I make of this?  Or go Zen, and embrace the beginners mind in everything you do, from opening a door to embracing your partner when you meet again.


Connect deeply. Connect deeply within your body.  If you do, you will feel the energy of life stream through it.  You might get overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude actually could be a whole point in this list by itself.  Connect deeply with your feelings with friends and family. They are human beings that want to be seen, known, heard, loved and share in connection.  Believe in them, for your belief is part of your growth. Connect deeply with nature. Go there. Listen to the wind. Watch the leaves move through the trees.  We are part of nature. Our disconnectedness often hurts in ways we are not aware of. We are part of a magical story and a magical universe.


Life is a mystery and you have a purpose.  Accept we can’t understand it all. Then seek what you truly add. Take some time out during dark winter days and feel what’s stirring deep inside you.  Dare to wonder about issues like: What’s my unique role? What do I add, What’s my gift?  And how can I put it to use? Miracles will follow and ambitions will be fulfilled.

And if you think you have no gift, here’s the magic, trust me on this:

You are of value by being different.  You, add to the whole by being you, even or especially when you embrace your gifts.  When people say you are good at something a lot and you’re thinking there is nothing special about it.  Trust them. That’s your natural gift at work. It comes easy to you, even when you don’t understand. Enjoy that you have a gift, and share your love with the world.

And you have a purpose.  The world needs what you have to offer.  The trick is in matching the two. When your personality aligns with the gifts of your soul, that’s magic!  That’s when you become an alchemist.


Did you ever have an unbelievable experience?   One you keep close and rarely speak about? And that somehow impacted you or even changed your life?  You may have gotten help that only could be from “above’’ or had lucid dreams that told you things that changed the way you see your life.  You may have seen, or been supported or met people in ways that just may not seem possible, or explainable.

Many people have similar stories that are out of the ordinary.  The stories are very often diverse and often strange. Most of us share them with only a trusted few.  What we could do more often is to share these stories and ask others for theirs. For accepting the mystery, embracing them as they are and sharing them releases the magic into the world.  When wonderous stories start to touch us more often and even become accepted, you’ll find that, maybe, more magic starts to show up in your life!


When you learn to dance in the flow of life. And when you feel free to play with boundaries, it may be time to go a little crazy.  Start investigating untried possibilities.

Many great ideas sound absurd when first uttered.  Let’s sail across the world, let’s go to the moon, let people vote, let women vote, etc.  Only afterward it may make sense. When you release your inner resistance by being intuitive and playful, you can find so much freedom.  Learn to listen more to hidden signals.

Be proactive in a passionate way.  

So what absurd ideas that make a difference, would you think would work?  Investigate them. Live upside down, back to Front. What will happen if you started living this way?  A lot of things you believed in would be shattered. And then slowly, possibly, new visions and awareness arise from the ashes.  Magic is powerful! Magic is being free of the way we used to do things . Walking the path of magic is deeper, wiser, more aware and more alive.


The path of allowing magic to happen is all about preparing the fields and sowing the seeds that make it possible to happen.  And at the same time, not expecting anything in return. And if there is one big lesson that pervades and the ingredient above all others, it is love.  When we fall in love with ourselves and with life. When we allow love to stream through our body the world adds in color and richness. When we give love, the gift gains in quality.  Food made with love has this undefinable extra ingredient that one can taste. Being present with love is sensing that all of life is magical as it is. Just you sitting here reading or hearing these words.  Small black shapes on white paper. Small little shapes in a row that have meaning. Something is present due to these black little shapes. Words. You breathing. It’s all magic!

The whole adventure of bringing more magic in your life has never been about gaining something.  It is about opening up to more of what is possible, within all the colors of this one word; Love.  Being present with love and sensing that all of life is magical as it is. Now that’s true magic!

When we reconnect, we can find all of our possibilities again.  And that feeling, that can be pure magic!

“ I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being” - Hafiz

“ When you stand behind your magic and your wish, the whole universe will conspire to help you make it happen”

“ Magic is believing in yourself,  if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” - Johann Wolfgang Vongoathe

Jane Matanga