10 Ways You Give Your Power Away - Stop These Right Now!

Today I want to give you suggestions on how not to give your power away.

The 10 ways you give your power away:

1. Choosing to be unhappy.
2. Fear of anything, especially falling in love.♥️
3. Believing that Karma or spiritual contracts are absolute.
4. Waiting for their ducks 🦆 to line up before acting.
5. Believing in soul mates.
6. Attching to unimportant details and outcomes.
7. Thinking they have dues to pay.
8. Worrying about HOW their dream will come true.
9. Thinking GOD decides who gets what.
10. Asking others what they should do.

You are capable of having everything you want. You just need to BELIEVE you can and take little action steps every day towards your dream.

Please comment on your biggest takeaway on this post and where you see yourself 
Beautiful blessings!

Jane Matanga