Hidden beliefs, what do you believe? Assumptions, expectations, core beliefs, you are good enough, positive and negative beliefs, challenging your beliefs, your personal power.


What do you believe?  That’s a big question.   It’s likely that we may shed light on beliefs, positive and negative, that we didn’t know we had as we master that understanding and shift our awareness. When we do this, we will embrace a deeper and richer knowledge about who we really are and who we can be.  We can break free from limitations. When we fully explore our answers, we can look at what is hidden in our unconscious mind.  It’s important to bring these hidden beliefs to light, because otherwise, they can be traps that create unnecessary limitations and obstacles in our lives.  When we illuminate the unconscious or shadowed beliefs, we reveal our truths.

Hidden beliefs are limiting, fearful beliefs we hold about ourselves and others.  Once we bring these hidden beliefs to light, they begin to dissolve and lose their power over us.  By bringing them to the forefront, instead of spending energy pushing limiting beliefs away, you allow yourself to see into the shadows, face those limiting beliefs and move through them.  I promise you that your power will increase and these limitations will diminish, as you shine your authentic light on them, your limiting beliefs grow smaller and smaller and lose their power completely.  With every hidden belief you uncover, you connect more directly to your core source.


Today you can start to diminish the power of your unconscious beliefs.  These unconscious beliefs gain their strength and hold over us by remaining hidden.  These hidden beliefs operate without our even being aware of them.  This is especially true of hidden beliefs, when they are beliefs about limitations, we feel about ourselves.  Hidden beliefs can be traps creating needless obstacles.  When you walk into any situation, the possibilities are always open ended.  There is always something to learn.  Something to accomplish but most people walk away from new experiences because hidden within them are limiting beliefs, such as, “I am not good enough,” or ‘it’s better to be safe than to try something new.” I shouldn’t make waves,” “no one is really listening”, “people never change”.  These are among the most common hidden beliefs that everyone to some degree or another falls back on, especially in difficult situations.  What they don’t realize is it’s not the situation that is challenging them, it’s their own expectations and assumptions.  If you believe you aren’t good enough, that’s a painful belief to hold on to.  But its easier to hold on to it than to face it.  To be a great success in a challenging situation, the ones who rise to the occasion, have already looked at their limiting beliefs first.  If you stand back you see that all limiting beliefs are only true some of the time.  Many times, you are good enough.  Someone is listening to you and people are willing to change.  Take a moment to see that blanket beliefs are not accurate, nor are they useful as guides.  This is a good start, but trying to challenge your beliefs one at a time isn’t completely effective.  What you need is a core of beliefs that isn’t limiting.  As you build upon this core, your negative beliefs are all diminished at the same time.  The core, is your true self.

Limiting beliefs take you away from your true self.  We hold on to these negative beliefs in the false hope that by being limited, we are somehow safer, but the world quickly teaches us that being small and venerable, without a sense of our true self, leads to many bad outcomes.  Once you approach the core of your true self, it automatically gives you strength, purpose and worth.  Learning to step into our essential nature is what we need to do.  Our true selves can be trusted to lead us.


If your core belief is: “I am worthy” and it is compromised, you may not see this belief reflected back to you by being listened to and held in regard by others.  Instead, you might find others are disrespectful or don’t take you seriously.  Rather than reacting to their behavior, you can bring attention back to your silent core- your true self- and align with the truth of your sense of worth and value.

Fulfillment is the only response from our environment that shows us we are living from our core beliefs.  If we feel anxious, insecure, and fearful, that means there are still obstacles and limitations in our beliefs.  

Self-judgement is the compromised belief that gives rise to feelings of guilt, shame, self-criticism and self-recrimination.  Self-judgement happens when one part of our divided self-judges another part of us.  Instead of our self-functioning as an integrated whole, it fights and resists itself.

This leaves us feeling divided, depleted, and unhappy. - the opposite of our core belief “I am fulfilled.”  To heal this self-judgement, we can return to the wholeness of our true self.  And in the midst of activity, we can also heal it by asking ourselves what we really want.  In that answer, we move away from self-blame and toward the inner fulfillment we truly desire.


What we are talking about is personal mastery and your personal power.  Your personal power is not about the power to change the world outside of you, it’s about changing the world within you.  This means that as we open our awareness to our core beliefs and true self, we organize, clarify, and reconfigure our internal life so that our thoughts and actions have meaning and bring a feeling of fulfillment.

The true self steeps our beliefs with the personal power that can achieve our goals with the least amount of effort and a minimum of obstacles and confusion.

Our guiding light in life is our true self.  This silent presence of awareness is the light of truth that always shines.  As we learn to think, speak, and act from our true self, we build a genuine, dynamic, and loving self.  This is our truth, this is our Being.

When we explore the nature of our higher self, we realize that we have been looking at belief as a way to, reach our inner reality.  As we step into the light of our true self, we realize that pure awareness is a state of true knowledge.  It is not a belief: it is ‘knowingness” itself.  This state is the gift of living from your core beliefs.  This is the fulfillment of becoming what you believe.

When we learn to start living from our true self, we transcend belief; we shine with the light of our essential nature: truth, happiness, and love.

“Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul: unbelief, is denying them”. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Man is what he believes”. -Anton Chekhov

Jane Matanga