Your Inner Magic and Inspiration

Choosing happiness and living an inspired life

Segment 1  – “The canvas of your life”

There is a famous saying by Albert Einstein "There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Changing your thoughts and choosing happiness in order to live an inspired life is an overall philosophy.   The big picture of what you believe or think about, how you act and the way you live your life, is the canvas for how your life looks, feels, and this becomes your reality. Choosing happiness and living an inspired life is a way of life, an overall philosophy.  It generally requires you to take specific action seven days a week.  

It's a commitment to your overall happiness and approach to all aspects of your life and it should always be in the back of your mind as a powerful guidance system.  Inspiration can be cultivated and be a driving force throughout your life.  

Inspiration is for everyone! Inspiration is not reserved for high profile creative geniuses.  It's inherent in our Divine birthright.  The problem is as children, we are taught that love is conditional. This is incorrect. Love is unconditional. But we are socialized to believe in this phenomena and if we do, then our ego becomes dominant and inspiration diminishes. We start to believe that being loved, successful or happy is dependent on some additional condition, or actions in order to please others.  If we believe this, we lose our original nature, which is already whole and perfect.

When we choose to believe that there are conditions to being loved, successful or happy, we forget that everyone's life purpose is important.  Everyone has gifts to bring to the world. It is so very important to embrace  all aspects of you.   All the journeys and life lessons brought you to where you are today, and all of them contributed to who you are.

Segment 2 – “Never stop taking risks”

Never stop taking risks.  Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith.  Be fearless! When the science of happiness is studied, the happiest people are successful and happy in life, because they live with the belief that despite any obstacles in life, their mindset says they can do it. Because their mindset says they can do it, they do. Belief is so very powerful and living your life in this way will lead you to more joy, more possibilities and more inspiration.

Allow awe and wonder to be part of your life.  Never stop letting yourself be amazed by how beautiful the world is.  Go to places that make you happy and do everything you can to make where you are a happy place.

Choose focus over obsessing.  There is a difference.  Focused is uplifting and hopeful. Obsessing is worrisome, fearful and leads to unhappiness.

We all have our stories, challenges and life lessons.  If we choose to be broken open, and use these experiences to learn and grow, we can choose to see a better path and know that we are all connected in that we have all experienced great joy, and clouds in life. Be the true authentic you. Find the courage to be yourself without regard to anyone else's opinion.

Segment 3 – “Your agreement with yourself”

To apply the power of your inspiration and imagination in your life, begin by reconsidering your agreement with reality.  If you accept what we know is real, this reality has limits, but if you are open to your imagination and inspiration, your reality is boundless.  Consider what you are capable of accomplishing.  This speaks to the power of your thoughts.  Everything you are capable of accomplishing, experiencing and knowing in your imagination, you can accomplish, experience, and know in reality.  The key to this is being able to banish doubts and allow yourself the privilege of living your dream. 

If some of the greatest inventors of our time allowed their doubts and fear to rule their lives, we would never have airplanes, electricity, the telephone and so many other amazing accomplishments.

When we allow ourselves to live beyond doubt, we can view our lives in a way that gives us the opportunity to live a limitless life.  

Segment 4 – “Rewrite your agreement with reality”

When you rewrite your agreement with reality, you can believe, trust and banish your doubts.  Using your imagination and inspiration, you can travel miles beyond ordinary thinking and awareness. Then this world becomes your canvas for the life you want to create.  When you rewrite your agreement with reality, and if you believe, trust and banish your doubts, you can use your imagination and inspiration to accomplish all that you desire.  Imagine yourself able to manifest into your material world whatever you are capable of conceiving in your mind, and let go of any doubts that you may have allowed to creep in. 

An example of banishing doubt is the very successful cartoonist Charles Schulz. He failed in school, at sports, at everything, while he was growing up.  Because of his uniqueness, he had difficulty fitting in, but he had an unwavering optimism, talent and inner light that he kept lit.  He was rejected several times when he submitted his creative work to Disney, but he believed in himself and kept at it, until one day he succeeded in building the life he believed he could.  Many people misinterpreted his comic strip and the meaning of his character Charlie Brown.  Charlie Brown’s character symbolized all of Schultz ‘s triumphs over the challenges in his life.  This highlighted his unwavering belief, sense of humor and in his ability to create the life of his dreams.

So keep track of your dreams, then work at eliminating your conditioned beliefs about their impossibility.  You want to eradicate the word "impossible" from your consciousness.  Literally, rewrite your agreement with reality so that it reads, "Anything I am capable of conceiving, I can bring to life, if I choose."

Live more in your imagination.  Give yourself the freedom to wander into unfamiliar territory in your mind and to explore new possibilities.  Excluding nothing.  These imaginative exercises will ultimately become catalysts for an unlimited life.  Your imagination and inspiration, just like your body, grows through exercise.

"Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding what you are not" - Deepak Chopra  

Jane Matanga