You Are Anything BUT Ordinary

The world ๐ŸŒŽ around us influences us to believe we are ordinary-we are only to be valued by our personal possessions and what we have to show for "success." But there's so much more to the human spirit than that.  Success cannot be measured by material things, and does not define us. What drives us and motivates us to live has very little to do with material possessions, but has so much more to do with desire and an inner need to fulfill a specific gift, or calling.

Every day there are influences in the world such as all the negative news that is broadcast to us daily, that tries to persuade us to forget about who we really are and our personal desires. Sometimes we take these media messages in and conform to the demands of others.  Each of our souls are driven to uphold our unique purpose for life, and  we, ourselves are unique  in our individuality.  The more we are aware of our true selves the closer we get to living our calling and  our purpose.

We all have a inner light that can take us to higher heights if we allow ourselves to listen to our inner voice and wisdom. And this voice can take us to heights we've never dreamed possible.  When you learn to live in the light, and from your highest self, or your inner intelligence that resides within each and every one of us there, can be no darkness.  When we learn that, and BELIEVE it, we can then, begin to attract all that we desire into our lives.  We are all here to live in the light and live our purpose.  We are all one and we all come from the same light.

Jane Matanga