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I am LOVE | Episode: 7


“There is a field of consciousness where all wisdom resides.  A field where all of the questions that you could possibly fathom live.  A field where past, present and future exist simultaneously.  Where the wisdom of the heavens and Earth calls you by name.  Where what you are seeking is also seeking you.  A field where all soul contracts, history, and guidance whisper eternal.  A field where the book of your soul is open for you to connect through.” 

~Rebecca Campbell

When you connect and devote spending more time with your soul, letting it guide your days; you will find that you are at soul level and that you light up the world with your unique presence.  You fall into flow with all of life.  You serve the world, just by being you.

To understand your impersonal self or soul, is to really understand who you really are.  In Joseph Brenner’s book called The Impersonal Life, he speaks of our personal self, as what we call, our resume and our five senses.  That which we can see, touch, hear, feel, and smell.  Most of us believe that I am what my eyes see and what my eyes tell me.  We are all lead to believe an untruth when we see with, and not through, the eye we are living a lie because this part of us comes and goes, meaning our physical nature comes and goes, but there is a part of us that is infinite.  There is an invisible intelligence that is with us at all times.  There is an intelligence that is connected to every single one of us.  It is something that we need to listen to.  It is a message from the highest self within us.  It is the part that is in all things.

“What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my heart, when I met you. (Rumi)  Rumi was talking about his recognition of finally meeting his higher self, or his intelligence within.  This higher intelligence has many names.  Some call it the divine mind, infinite consciousness, some call it God, or soul. It doesn’t matter what you call it.  It is doing everything everywhere.  It leaves nothing undone.  Everything gets taken care of.   You can’t find it.  You can’t get a hold of it.  You can’t touch it, and yet you carry this divine intelligence with you at all times.  We just don’t listen to it enough.  If there is intelligence behind life, there is every reason to believe it must be true.  All the greatest scientific minds on our planet all say, there is some kind of intelligence behind life that we can’t see or touch or feel.  This intelligence opens the roses and keeps the planets in alignment.  This intelligence is innate within each creation, so there is a complete universal mind that is in each and every one of us.  All you have to do is discover for yourself it’s power and it’s perfection that is within you.  It is something that you can consult.  Deepak Chopra talks about this in his book, The Future of God, ‘’If God is the creative source of everything and God is in us, then, the creative source of everything must be in us, that we have within us, this divine life force, that we think is outside of us doing something to us, but in Joseph Brenner’s book, The Impersonal Life, he speaks of a powerful intelligence and this divine intelligence is there when you connect to it. 

When you begin to have an understanding and a realization of your soul, it becomes something that can change your life.  So what makes You, “You”, besides your DNA, and your physical body and your bones?  What’s inside the part of You, that’s eternal?  The part that, if you didn’t have, it You wouldn’t exist.  Without your invisible intelligence, or soul, you couldn’t exist and that intelligence is within each and every one of us.  It’s more than just the physical body that makes us up, so that part of us is infinite.

Emily Dickenson said. “This quiet dust was gentlemen and ladies and lads and girls, was laughter and ability and sighing and frocks and curls”

Longfellow said. “Life is earnest, life is real and the grave is not it’s goal, dust thou art and dust returneth was not written of the soul’’



This thing called the Soul, this invisibleness, this intelligence that is in each and every one of us.  This is something that we must have in order to exist.  In Joseph Brenner’s book, in the chapter called “FINDING ME”, Joseph writes about how you get in touch with it.  He states, “we are all God, that impersonal intelligence, weather you want to call it God, or Soul or Spirit.  The best and the surest way you may know me is when selfless love fills your heart and there is a strong and compelling urge to help someone.  To bring them happiness to point out the true way that is the actual feel of me within You.  Your resume aside and all the things that you believe with your senses.  But using your mind and your body for the purpose of that which I created them for as avenues for the expression of my real nature, which is perfect love.  The one life giving, strengthening, healing, all supplying, all conforming power in the universe”

Jane Matanga