Connecting with Your Angels


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TITLE:            Connecting with your Angels
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DESCRIPTION:           An introduction to connecting with your Angels.  Ways you can connect with your Angels, eight ways Angels are already speaking with you.


SEGMENT 1: Who are the Angels?

The Angels are pure beings of Divine light who want to help us with every area of our lives.  The word Angel means “messenger of God.”  Angels carry messages between the creator and the created, like heavenly postal carriers.  Angels love everyone unconditionally.  They look past the surface and see the goodness within us all.  They focus only on our Divinity and not our faults.  Angels are not judgmental and only bring Love into our lives.  It doesn’t matter whether your a believer or not, because Angels believe in you.  They see your inner light and they know your true talents.  They understand that you have an important life mission.  They want to help you with everything.

You don’t need to have special training, be saint like, or engage in religious work to communicate with the Angels.  They help everyone who calls upon them, no matter what.  The Angels assistance is always available.



Those who regularly contact their Angels report great improvements in their lives.  They feel happier, more peaceful and confident, and less afraid of their future.  They know they are not alone, because they have trustworthy guardians watching over them.  One of the quickest and most efficient routes to happiness is through connecting with the Angels.  The Angels love for us is pure.  They help us hear, touch, see and understand God in our everyday lives.  So whether you need help with your health, career, love life, family or any other area, the Angels can help you.  There is nothing too big or small for them to handle.  They joyfully work on your behalf the moment you ask. 

God gave us all free will, which means that you can make your own decisions and act according to your personal beliefs.  God and the Angels won’t interfere with your free will.  Although they already know what you need, they can’t intervene without your permission.  For this reason, you’ll need to ask your Angels to give you assistance.

The Angels will give you help with anything and everything.  The Angels are unlimited beings who can help everyone simultaneously.  There is nothing more important to your Angels than helping you.

Angels have unlimited time, energy and resources.  It’s their sacred honor to help you in whatever brings you peace and love.  You can ask for their help as often as you like, without any fear of wearing them out.  They love it when you call on them!



Angels are constantly speaking to us.  We just need to understand their language.  We don’t all have to be mediums to hear or understand the Angels messages.  Angels speak to us continuously in the best way they know how, through what is called sign language.  We often go through our life so busy, we don’t take the time to sit and listen to the voice of our Angels.  So Angels have to find ingenious ways to connect with us.  So, how can Angels get our attention if we don’t sit in silence and listen? 

Well, the Angels work very hard to get your attention in this busy world with so much technology vying for our attention.   They will place signs on your path, they will play songs on the radio, they will talk loudly in your ears and they will make you feel tense when something isn’t right for you. 

The Angels speak to us through our Clairs, which are clairvoyance or clear knowing, clairaudience or clear hearing, clairsentience or clear feeling and Clair cognizance or clear seeing. 

Angels send us messages continually through our sight with signs and symbols such as hearts, smiley faces, numbers, coins, butterflies, birds, and words on road signs or passing vehicles.  Everything is constantly speaking to us.  It is up to us to pay attention to the signs and interpret their meaning for us in our lives.

We can use our clear seeing to ask the Angels for signs to know if we are going in the right direction in our life or if the guidance for a certain direction is right.   For example, if you feel you should move to or visit a certain city, you can ask the Angels to show you the name of the city or a picture to confirm to you that your guidance is right.  You can ask your Angels for a clear message about the next step you need to take in your life.

The Angels also speak to us through our clear hearing, which can be other people’s conversations, songs on the radio or sounds around us.  For example, we might be thinking about what we should do next in our life or asking for guidance for a certain direction when we suddenly overhear a conversation besides us that answers our question.

Clear feeling or clairsentience is one of the greatest ways our Angels use to speak to us.  It is also messages we tend to discount the most.  We may think,  “I am just nervous” or “ it’s all in my head”.  When you are going down the wrong path, the angels will speak very loudly to you through your “gut feelings”.  Listen to your feelings.  They are really your Angels sending you warning messages that this person or situation is not right for you.  If you are not feeling peaceful, if you are feeling anxious, afraid, nervous, tense, or fearful, stop and ask yourself what are you discounting.  Life’s meant to be joyful, fun, happy, peaceful and exciting.   If you are not feeling this, you need to stop and ask, where you might have taken a detour off your path to peace.” Often, the Angels will use clear hearing or clairaudience music to speak to us like a song on the radio singing “Breakaway”, “Break up with him” or “Don’t worry be happy”.  You will know the song is for you when it sounds clear as a bell and speaks to the deepest part of your soul.

 Clear knowing is another way the Angels speak to us.  We also call this “intuition”.  We just know certain things.  You know in your heart what is right for you.  You know your hearts true desires.  You know when someone is lying to you.  You just know it.  You have to trust that “knowing” because it is also the Angels speaking to you. 

Too often we brush off these beautiful signs thinking “its just my imagination”, we rationalize them or we allow other people to discount our feelings when they say things like “its just your ego”.  But more times than not, it’s the presence of your Angels.

How can you be sure?  You can sit quietly and bring yourself to a state of peace then ask questions or imagine a certain direction you are uncertain about and pay attention to your body and its reactions.  Does it become tense?  Do you feel afraid?  Do you feel excited and hopeful?  These are all signs the Angels use to guide us in our everyday life.

There are no coincidences and no mistakes.  Every person you meet, every book that falls off the shelf, every door that closes or opens is guiding your path, to wholeness and purpose.  We all have a life plan and life purpose.   Your Angels are right there beside you guiding and comforting you every step of the way.

So, keep your eyes open, and your eyes alert for the next messages from your Angels.  Ask them for signs and pay attention.  The magic of the Angels are all around you.  It’s simply a question of perception.  You just have to BELIEVE it to see it!




Meditation gives you the opportunity to hear your Angels.  When you allow yourself to relax into a meditative state you become more open to receiving messages from the Angels.  Meditation can be simply sitting quietly and focusing on your breath.  Before beginning a meditation, ask a question that you would like your Angels to answer for you.  Request that they bring you a solution to a problem you are trying to solve.  During the meditation, you will get guidance on your request.


Angels can connect with you through sound; a common sign is hearing a buzzing in your ear.  Fragrance is another sign that Angels are nearby.  If you experience an unexpected smell and you can’t find a source for it, it’s often your Angels coming to brighten your day.  An unexpected taste of sweetness in your mouth is often an indication of Angelic presence.  Lastly Angels often appear as a feeling, both physical and emotional.  A physical sign might be goose bumps or feeling a slight breeze brush past you.  Emotionally, some people feel an overwhelming sense of love, calmness, and support wash over them.


Angels frequently come to people in dreams and give us messages they want us to remember upon awakening.  Start keeping a notebook by your bed, so you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.  Monthly, go over your dream journal and analyze what has been said.  You will be amazed at the stories and messages that come from it.


It is said that meditation is listening to Angels, while praying is talking to Angels.  Daily prayer is a great way to talk to your Angels in a personal and direct way.  You don’t have to follow a specific framework for prayer.  You can speak to them about anything, including your deepest fears and desires.  Just ask for their assistance and guidance.  Ask them to open your mind and heart to receiving them.  Angels are there for you, so thank them by expressing loving devotion.


Using candles or incense to connect with Angels is a common practice.  All you need is a quiet place and the item you want to light.  Choose a place where you can lay down or sit comfortably and dim the lights.  Then light your candle or burn incense.  Spend time breathing and relaxing for as long or as little as you want.  You can also diffuse essential oils during your practice.  Many Angels have a specific color or scent associated with them.  With each candle lighting session, you will feel the presence of Angels becoming stronger.


A great way to get your thoughts organized is by journaling or writing letters to your Angels.  Writing is the best way to ask your Angels for help.  It’s important to be very clear and specific about what you want your Angels assistance with.  Journal about your desires and feelings, and ask yourself questions, that will push you to dig deeper.  Journaling helps you to discover more about yourself, so you can better identify what it is you need aid with.  Writing letters about specific topics and feelings will bring clarity to your issue, problem or question.  When asking for help, write down what exactly.  It is that you want their help with and read it aloud.


Away to open your heart to the Angels is by going outside and spending time in nature.  Pick your favorite place like the beach, forest or mountains and embrace the beauty of it all.  When you pause and connect with nature, you allow yourself to become more receptive to Angels. Let your mind be filled with the sights and sounds of your surroundings and of the energy there.  You can call out your Angels and ask for a sign.  They might show their presence by a gust or wind, chirping of a bird, or an overwhelming feeling of warmth.


When logic and science fail to explain the phenomenon, do you choose to consider paranormal possibilities?  When you suspend skepticism and keep an open mind, Angels will come to you in various ways and it doesn’t always make sense to us.  When logic doesn’t explain an event, set aside your doubt and consider that an Angel might be at work.

Relationships with your Angels can develop gradually over time as you reach out and learn to connect.  They can also happen in an instant during a mystical experience or in answer to your prayer.  Be open for both.  Your Angels are with you all the time whether you are aware of them or not.  Open your heart up to them and you will begin to receive the miraculous.


~Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Jane Matanga