3 Easy Steps to Living Holistically in 2017

My philosophy is combination of Eastern and Western philosophies, but I am dedicated to living a holistic lifestyle. But what does that mean? And how can we participate in a daily practice of looking at the world holistically?

“Holistic” is defined as a knowledge of the interconnectedness of something, as the parts of something “explicable only by reference to the whole”. When used in reference to your health, holistic refers to the mind-body-spirit connection, the wellness of all our interconnected parts and aspects working towards the health of our entire selves.


1) Slow It Down

The first way to live holistically that I would suggest is incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. Be aware of the breath you are taking, how you feel in your own body, and the thoughts that cross your mind during the day. 

The stressors of life can make it seem like there are a never ending list of worries and distractions, but taking the time to be mindful can lessen the pressure you feel and give you peace. Try to focus on the present and free yourself from regrets from the past and anxiety about the future. 

Click here for a great guide to living more mindfully and joyfully.

2) Look on the Sunny Side


Positivity can do wonders when you are trying to live holistically. Your collective health begins and ends with your outlook on life. If you only see the negative aspects of your daily life, how can you be expected to grow and flourish. Try to minimize time with people that are continually negative and fill your life with people that love to laugh!

You can also start small by noticing little joys (also referred to as “thin slices” of joy) ; a cup of tea, a rainy day, taking time with family or a yoga practice. Noticing the tiny things that are going well in your life will help you to minimize any perceived problems you are having. The little joys in your life will eventually add up to real and perceivable happiness.

3) Fill Up

Part of living holistically is realizing how interconnected your actions are with your body. Eating is a huge part of this. Junk and fast foods hinder your body’s ability to function at its optimum levels. Cutting out soda, fried foods, and highly processed foods is a good place to start. 

The great part about eating healthy is that there are so many resources online for making healthy recipes that taste amazing (really!). I challenge you to type in your favorite junk food along with “healthy” you can find a substitute that works for you! Also remember that it is estimated more than 75% of people are chronically dehydrated, take the time to drink up so you feel refreshed and ready throughout the day.

If you follow these steps you will feel more powerful and able to take on the challenges that life throws your way. I am always available here if you have any questions about living more holistically, slowing down, or just taking care of yourself. Have a blessed New Year, here we come 2017!

Jane Matanga