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My Story


After overcoming my own challenges and obstacles in life and reading virtually every self help book I could, I went back to school and studied alternative healing methods, both Eastern and Western healing arts.

This is where I learned that I had uncovered the right tools to help myself, but more importantly, I discovered that I had an intuitive and an innate ability that could help others in their own desire to get their balance back, get unstuck, in order to be able to move forward and live a happier and more contented life. I realized that the primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it. I learned, that the situation is always neutral and if you can become aware of your thoughts and separate them from the situation and then expand your perspective by using the proper questions and tools, you can change your thoughts and by doing that, you can change your situation and the way you view it.

Additionally, I studied alternative healing modalities and blended eastern and western philosophies on self-improvement and enlightenment. That together with studies, from dissertations and knowledge gained from world wisdoms and enlightened masters, I gained expertise in different approaches using intuitive communication skills. This gave me an even stronger desire to help others to evolve to their higher and best self.

 Navigating your next step, whether it's in your personal life, career, or spiritual journey does not need to be taken alone. My specialty is to come alongside individuals looking to overcome obstacles.

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